"Hurt people" Hurt  other people        

Have you ever been deeply hurt?  

You cannot live in a broken world without eventually being marred by brokenness on a persona level.  Brokenness of every kind has it's root cause which will need to be addressed if healing is to take place

Anything good one distorted becomes broken

Truth distorted-becomes deception

Good intentions distorted becomes obsession   

Hard working becomes workaholic

Strong leadership becomes controlling 

Rest becomes laziness

Excellence becomes perfectionism 

Love distorted becomes co-dependency 

Moderation becomes dependency.

Fighting the Brokenness 

in your life whether it be loss of a loved one, childhood sexual abuse, abandonment, divorce, physical or emotional abuse, or a broken relationship you need to acknowledge your helplessness and press through the wall.  It's like swimming upstream against the current. You swim frantically  for a while and make progress, but then you tire and the current carries you back to where you began.  You try again, again and again, but each time you become exhausted and end up being carried back again to where you stared from.  Does this sound familiar, then follow me and start the healing journey that I discouverd.  You will be amazed at the possibilities that are ahead of you


from brokenness does not take place on it's own. There are now instant fixes, beyond a miracle.  It takes a plan of action. It takes purpose, determination, perseverance, commitment, and hard work and time.  Healing brokenness requires deliberate steps toward healing 


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At  Healing Our Brokenness Ministries we are passionate about helping wounded individuals move toward inner healing. 

I address topics relating to the healing journey

Understanding Depression

Seven Steps to Healing

Recovering From Dependencies

and Healing Emotional Wounds